Welcome to the Flavourtown Pride Cake and Cupcake Collection 2024. 

We started Flavourtown over 10 years ago with one simple idea, to help you celebrate all of life's special moments, big and small, with the worlds best cakes and cupcakes.

Pride is all about fun, friendship, achievement and love. Pride is the ULTIMATE celebration and we're here for every single sequin, flag and ALL of the glitter. 

We'll be making a 10% donation from all of the profits from our Pride Rainbowgasm cake and Pride cupcake selections to Pride in London. 

New in
Pride Ultimate Rainbowgasm Cake-Flavourtown Bakery
Princess Betty Funfetti Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Princess Betty Vanilla Funfetti Mini Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Vanilla Funfetti Sprinkle Cake AKA The Best Birthday Cake In London-Flavourtown Bakery
Pink Vanilla Funfetti Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Pink Vanilla Funfetti Mini Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Vanilla Rainbow Cake-Flavourtown Bakery
Chocolate Rainbow Cake-Flavourtown Bakery
Mythical Mane Unicorn Cake-Flavourtown Bakery
Vanilla Rainbow Photo Cake-Flavourtown Bakery
Chocolate Rainbow Photo Cake-Flavourtown Bakery
Vegan Rainbow Birthday Cake-Flavourtown Bakery
Mermaid Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Mermaid Cupcake
From £2800
Sprinkle Unicorn Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Sprinkle Unicorn Mini Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Mermaids & Unicorn Box-Flavourtown Bakery