Double Tiered Cakes

Take your celebrations to the next level with Flavourtown double-tiered cakes.

Want to add some wow factor to your special occasions? Look no further than our famous double-tiered cakes, perfect for birthdays, weddings, or any celebration that needs a WOW moment. You can choose any two of your favourite Flavourtown cake designs and stack them together for a tower of deliciousness.

Our cakes have become famous across London, and now you can elevate your cake game even more. From Rainbow to Red Velvet and everything in between, the possibilities are endless with Flavourtown double-tiered cakes.

You can even add a personalised hand-piped message to your show-stopping centrepiece. 

Our Regular Double Tiered Cake will give you 18 to 24 super-generous portions, and the Large Double Tiered Cake will give you 36 to 44 super-generous portions. All you need to do now is choose your size and flavours and we’ll bake, and hand deliver the best cake you’ve ever eaten.

Please note that if the flavour you’re looking for isn’t in the dropdown menu, that sadly means it’s too delicate to stack. VEGAN cakes can’t be stacked due to their delicate nature.

Regular Double Tiered Cake-Flavourtown Bakery
Large Double Tiered Cake-Flavourtown Bakery
Regular Deluxe Double Tiered Cake-Flavourtown Bakery
Large Deluxe Double Tiered Cake-Flavourtown Bakery