The Ultimate Flavourtown Bakery Flamingo Cake!

The Ultimate Flavourtown Bakery Flamingo Cake!

First, it was Unicorns and now everyone is loving Flamingos!!! The world of cake loves a trend and as one of London’s best bakeries it’s up to us to not only embrace what’s hot but to also add our own flair and ideas to make the current ‘must have cake’ even more special.

A bespoke customer request is always a great starting point and when you discover said customer is Flamingo obsessed … you make the ultimate Flamingo cake!

Flamingo Cakes

After we created a basic sketch of how the cake might look our small team of cake nomads set about creating four layers of punk funfetti sponge sandwiched together with our near legendary Swiss meringue buttercream! During the decorating process, we decided that this feathery lady needed the pink button turning up to a 110 so we graduated the shades of punk up the side of the cake in an ombre effect.

We modelled the largest of the gorgeous pink flamingos by hand in fondant and created a batch of super-pink macarons to create the bodies of the smaller birds, all of the flamingos were hand panted naturally.

The finished result was a mammoth assembly job involving LOADS of precise exquisite hand piping.

Last year when we first introduced all things flamingo we did this super cute little video showing how to make flamingo cupcakes

We finished the mega Flamingo theme with a set of bespoke flamingo topical cupcakes with pineapples and palm leafs for a totally tropical party!

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