Flavourtown Bakery in Timeout Magazine

Flavourtown Bakery in Timeout Magazine

It’s hard to find a cupcake that makes you go weak at the knees, it’s even harder to find one that packs a huge flavour punch! If you’re new to Flavourtown and perhaps heard about us from this weeks Time Out Magazine here’s a short history of why and how we do what were do:

Just over five years ago we spent most weekends on a mission to find the best cake and cupcakes in London! We ventured to tiny shops, farmers markets and nooks and crannies that didn’t look like they should serve cake and the one thing we kept coming back to was that almost everything we tasted looked amazing but lacked flavour!

We decided to chuck in our day jobs and set about making the kind of cake and cupcakes we wanted to eat! The kind that’s moist and squishy and packed full of amazing ingredients, our mantra was that if you’re going to have a treat it has to be the best treat you can get your eager little mitts on.

We spent months and if the truth be told years perfecting recipes and sourcing ingredients, put simply we wanted to bake the best cupcakes London had ever seen and tasted. We must have tried twenty different brands of butter and eventually settled on Lescure from France which we still use to this day despite it being one of the most expensive butters out there.  Our eggs are farm to table and are organic and free-range, we only ever use Tate and Lyle organic fair-trade sugars and our cocoa powder comes from the world-renowned Valrhona company again in France.

Baking London’s best cupcakes isn’t easy or cheap but we’re a small team that’s totally committed to the taste and art of cake! Everything we do has to have its own unique flavour profile and be distinct, we don’t use one base recipe and just mix stuff in, every cake and cupcake we bake has it’s own recipe because that’s the way it should be!!!

Somewhere down the line cupcakes became dirty and shameful, probably because most of them were rubbish and made by people trying to get rich quick using cheap ingredients! Five years later we’re still here making cupcakes for London in a different way with world class ingredients and treating them in the same way a posh pastry chef would with one of his fancy desserts.

Wanna see our cupcake range? Head over here to order cupcakes for London delivery