The Best Unicorn Cakes in London

The Best Unicorn Cakes in London

We’ve become a bit of an authority on Unicorns here at Flavourtown Bakery, our Unicorn cakes have become a bit of a London legend. Just like us Unicorns come in all magical shapes and sizes so we thought you might like a sneak peek into the wonderful world of Flavourtown Unicorn cakes. 

8. Pink Mythical Mane Unicorn Cake

Our Mythical Mane is our biggest selling most popular Unicorn cake and when a customer asked if we could make an even girlier version of the cake, well we jumped at the chance. This dancing prancing beauty is covered in pastel pink Swiss meringue buttercream and a special Flavourtown sprinkle mix 

7. Halloween Witch-icorn Cake

Nothing could be so wrong and yet look so right! This is what happens when our bakers create a fiendish hybrid of unicorn and witch... Hideously delicious and covered in purple buttercream and sparkly black glitter. 

6. Double Tiered Rainbow Unicorn Cake

We all know that Unicorns poop rainbows, it’s a scientific fact! This double tiered Unicorn cake is hiding layer upon layer of rainbow sponge hidden beneath swirls and swirls of ombré piped mane. The perfect birthday or wedding cake. 

5. Autumn Unicorn Cake

Autumn is the best time of year, the weather cools, the leaves fall and even Unicorns need a new coat! This mythical creature has been hiding under a pile of fondant leaves and delicious caramelised white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream. 

4. Pusheen Unicorn Cake

Pusheen is the coolest of cats and unicorns are the most magical creatures (fact!) so when Pusheen had his makeover we even gave him 3D whiskers and a shimmering white horn. 

3. Mythical Mane Unicorn Cake

We have the best unicorn cake recipe and it’s just as well as the Mythical Mane is London’s favourite and our very best seller. 

2. Pug Unicorn Cake

Into the top two and naturally being the biggest dog lovers ever we had to invent a Pug-icorn! One of our customers sent us a picture of her pug and asked if we could turn him into a unicorn so we did, complete with puggy nose and super cute ears. 

1. Dachshund Unicorn Cake

We’re dachshund crazy at Flavourtown so creating this years ultimate Unicorn cake was easy! This cutie has a dachshund snout and adorable floppy ears

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