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Ruby Chocolate - Cupcakes London

We like to think we make the best darn cupcakes you’ve ever tasted and we work really hard with our amazing team to bring you delicious new things to snaffle. One of the most exciting new things to hit the baking world this year is Ruby chocolate and we were lucky enough to be one of the first bakeries to be given a batch of this deliciousness earlier in the summer.

Ruby chocolate was invented by Callebaut who are famous around the world for their luxury Belgian chocolate and it has a really distinctive ruby red colour and a totally unique taste. Ruby isn’t a flavoured chocolate but rather a unique variety like say milk chocolate or bittersweet chocolate, it’s sweet and yet sour and is made from unfermented botanical cocoa beans. It’s naturally tangy but doesn’t have any added fruit.


Ruby cupcakes London? If you fancy trying this amazing new chocolate keep your peepers open and check our Insta for upcoming Ruby chocolate specials in our Parsons Green cake shop. Don’t forget we deliver delicious boxes of freshly baked cupcakes in London every day


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