Cupcakes London

Welcome to Flavourtown Bakery the home of the best cupcakes in London! For the last decade we’ve been on a mission to show London that AMAZING cupcakes still exist, and that they can taste even better than they look. Cupcakes have developed such a bad reputation for tasting overly sweet, being full of artificial cheap ingredients and for being the poor relation of the layer cake or one of those fancy patisserie desserts, we decided to change that one delicious cupcake at a time.

Cupcakes London? When we started Flavourtown Bakery we asked cake lovers across London what would turn them back on to cupcakes and make them fall in love all over again… They said moist sponges, high quality ingredients, not too sweet and no nasties! So we developed recipes with the absolute best ingredients we could find from across the world, Lescure AOP butter from France, amazing chocolate from Belgium and organic free-range eggs from Clarence Court.