Here at Flavourtown Bakery, we take brownies VERY seriously! Brownies should always be fudgy, dense, almost gooey, and loaded with delicious Belgian chocolate, the finest butter and of course, organic free-range eggs.

Our brownies are so good that we won a Great Taste Gold award for our Salted Caramel (Human Catnip) brownie, and all our flavours are based on that secret recipe! Every Flavourtown brownie is mixed by hand in a bowl with a spatula for a specific amount of time to ensure they stay deliciously fudgy and never cakey! Told you we’re brownie geeks 😊

Flavourtown brownies are available for collection from our Fulham and Richmond stores or with London hand delivery so you can mainline them in the privacy of your own home.

Award-winning Human Catnip (Salted Caramel) Brownie!-Flavourtown Bakery
The Mars Bar Brownie-Flavourtown Bakery
Bad Ass Free From Gluten Brownie-Flavourtown Bakery