Welcome to Flavourtown Bakery, the home of London’s Best Cupcakes! 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or just one of life’s small wins, there’s no better way to treat yourself than with a box of Flavourtown Freshly Baked Happiness ™

Here’s our brand-new selection of cupcake assortments to choose from, or just go ahead and order a full box of London’s Best Red Velvet or Bad Ass Brownie cupcakes! What you put in your basked is your own business ;)

Every single cupcake on this page is baked to order, fresh every single day using the world’s best ingredients.

Flavourtown Famous Reindeer Box-Flavourtown Bakery
Winter Wonderland Christmas Selection Box-Flavourtown Bakery
Baby Boy Cupcake Box-Flavourtown Bakery
Baby Girl Cupcake Box-Flavourtown Bakery
Baby Yellow Cupcake Box-Flavourtown Bakery
Graduation Cupcake Box-Flavourtown Bakery
Free From Gluten Red Velvet Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Free From Gluten Vanilla Party Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Free From Gluten Chocolate Party Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Free From Gluten Personalised Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Vegan & Free From Gluten Death by Chocolate Cupcake-Flavourtown Bakery
Santa's Vegan Free From Gluten Christmas Selection Box-Flavourtown Bakery
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