How to make Love Island Inflatables Cupcakes!

How to make Love Island Inflatables Cupcakes!


First we’d like to start by observing a minutes silence to just remember and reminisce about our lost friend! After all if you’re anything like us you’re missing Love Island already!

We’ve been dreading that huge 9pm Love Island shaped whole in our lives and now it’s here

Until we next return poolside to the villa we thought we’d fill the gap and make these Love Island themed inflatable pool unicorns, swans and flamingos ... it seemed the right thing to do... 

Step 1: Start with white fondant and roll into a long sausage shape. Place the fondant onto a small piece of cocktail stick (for stability) and shape around to form a hook. Repeat this process as many times as needed for each character.

For the unicorn mane: Using equal amounts of coloured fondant roll into long, thin tube shapes. Align these together and twist the entire block to form a spiral, coloured mane. Attach these to the body shapes you made earlier with a tiny blob of water and cut to size.

Step 2:  You can add the final details with an edible marker pen for the eyes. To make the small golden horns, twist together two small pieces of white fondant to form a point. Finish these with some edible golden luster dust or golden spray. Attach to the head with a small blob of water.

Step 3:  For the Swan cupcakes, repeat the process above but add the beak details with edible coloured marker pen or a mixture of food colouring and a flavourless alcohol such as Vodka.

Step 4:  For the Flamingo cupcakes repeat the above steps, using pink fondant and add the details in with edible marker.

Step 5:  To complete the Love Island inflatable cupcakes you will need mini doughnuts to form the 'rubber ring' part of the design. We made some simple baked mini doughnuts. Then to finish make a simple glaze of icing sugar and water and dip each doughnut. Start with icing sugar and add the water sparingly till you reach the desired consistency. We also added some pink colouring to the glaze for our flamingo cupcakes.

Step 6:  We used desiccated coconut to cover our cupcakes to give the effect of feathers. You can colour the coconut with some pink colouring for the Flamingo cupcake. Then all that is left to do is assemble the fondant head onto the doughnuts to form the inflatable.

Step 7:  Here is the finished product! You can add more detail if you wish such as wings or tail feathers. We kept ours simple and classy and finished with a sprinkle of edible glitter!

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