How to make a Custard Cream Faultline Birthday Cake

How to make a Custard Cream Faultline Birthday Cake

One of our most popular cake specials from our Fulham store was this Custard Cream Faultline Cake. We decided to go inside the kitchen and show you how we made it with a step-by-step how to make a faultline cake:


1. We frosted the cake with German Buttercream icing, filled with a thick set handmade custard and pieces of crushed biscuit

2. After an initial crumb coat, chill the cake. Then add a band of frosting around the centre of the cake. 

3. Split the biscuits in half and remove the filling. Arrange the biscuits on an angle, these do not need to fill the sides of the cake as they will be covered with frosting.  

4. Using a piping bag, pipe frosting to cover the edges of the arranged biscuits. Add more frosting than you need as this will be removed when scraped. 

5. When the cake is scraped and smoothed put in the fridge to chill. Using edible gold paint and a food safe paintbrush, paint along the bottom 'faultline' of frosting. 

6. Finish with edible gold leaf and splatters of gold edible paint. Add golden sprayed Custard Cream biscuits on the top and gold glitter. 



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