London's Best Vegan Cakes

London's Best Vegan Cakes

About a year ago we launched our range of vegan cakes and cupcakes and we’ve been overjoyed with the response from our customers! The goal was to set about creating a vegan cake range for London that didn’t taste like a vegan cake range, we just wanted it to taste like normal delicious Flavourtown Bakery cake! No weirdness and certainly no ‘thats great for a vegan cake”. If you put our vegan chocolate cake up against it’s none vegan sibling in taste test you won’t be able to tell the difference.

When it comes to vegan cakes we felt a weight of responsibility not just to take customers money and give them any old thing that would satisfy demand, we’ve built our business on making award winning cakes, cupcakes and brownies using the absolute finest ingredients that money can buy. So many people are choosing a vegan lifestyle for a variety of reasons and we simply wanted to offer amazing cakes that the whole family or celebration could enjoy together regardless of their dietary requirements.

The one cake that we didn’t launch was our vegan Rainbow Cake! We’re going to be very honest and say that sourcing colours and sprinkles that are all suitable for a vegan lifestyle isn’t easy and many many months have been spent scouring the planet to get the right bits and bobs. We also wanted to tweak our squishy delicious vegan vanilla seed cake recipe to fine tune it for it’s new vegan Rainbow Cake coat.

Our new vegan Rainbow Cake is now live on the website! It’s six moist pillowy vegan cake layers high and is covered in our Madagascan vegan seed frosting, we’ve really pushed the boat out on the design with our small team of expert cake decorators mixing every batch of multicoloured icing by hand and painstakingly frosting each band of colour into one seamless multicoloured vegan Rainbow Cake masterpiece. We’ve finished our new vegan Rainbow Cake with a Belgian chocolate drip for just a hint of luxurious chocolate against the scrumptious vanilla seed sponge.

We believe we bake London’s best vegan cakes and our brand new vegan Rainbow Cake is a worthy addition to the Flavourtown Bakery vegan cake family. The Flavourtown vegan Rainbow cake is available for London delivery or for pre-order from our Fulham shop.

So whether you need a vegan birthday cake in London, you’re celebrating a big family milestone and need London’s best vegan cakes or you just need a showstopper of a vegan Rainbow Cake delivering in London click here and get your order started.