Introducing our brand new website and the best vanilla cupcake recipe on the internet

Introducing our brand new website and the best vanilla cupcake recipe on the internet

We’ve been busy Spring Cleaning our website and making it even simpler for you to order cupcakes! London delivery is now easier than ever before! We’ve talked to loads of customers who told us they’d like a quicker checkout with fewer steps so that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve also given you a sneak peek inside loads of our scrummy cakes and cupcakes. We’ve even made ordering for a cupcake London delivery or collection even easier! We now have just two delivery charges and the option to pick your cakes and treats up from our new Fulham Bakery.

Whilst our web geeks Laura One and Laura Two have been busy making the website more friendly for mere mortals (non computer nerds) they’ve also been making work better on your mobile phone, let’s face it most of us like to shop from the comfort of our phones these days and with a smaller screen we wanted to make that as easy as possible for you. 

We thought if the web gang were busy giving the site a fresh new look and feel then it’s only fair that we added some epic new cakes, bakes and cupcakes to our shiny new website at the same time. We pride ourselves on making some of the best cakes and cupcakes in London so when we develop new recipes we take a long time to test, tweak, adjust and perfect, nothing escapes from our kitchen until it tastes amazing. Take our new Apple Pie Cake, four layers of burned butter sponge, fresh apple compote and pie crumbs between the layers and its finished with cream cheese icing, it’s a perfect combo of sweet and tangy and our new Flamingo Cake is beyond amazing with funfetti sponge, amazing handmade macarons and flamingo decorations. 


Along with brand new cakes we’ve also introduced some amazing new cupcake flavours to the new website as well! 99 Problems But A Biscoff Ain't One is a super-moist chocolate chip cake filled with Biscoff, topped with Biscoff Swiss meringue buttercream and dipped in Callebaut’s new Gold caramelised white chocolate! The whole thing is then rolled in even more Biscoff crumble. We’ve also added to our Favourites Box selections with a brand new All Time Classics box with SIX of our most popular flavours ever. 

To celebrate the launch of our new website we’re sharing our Vanilla Cupcake recipe for the first time ever! The is the best, moistest Vanilla Cupcake recipe on the internet and is really easy to make. 

TOP TIP!  Firstly the absolute hold grail with this recipe is to have all of your ingredients at room temperature! These cupcakes mix up with an unusual method and you won’t get the best results unless your butter, eggs, yoghurt and milk are all exactly the same temp. 


  • FLOUR - 400G
  • CORNFLOUR -  40G
  • SALT -  1TSP
  • BUTTER (CUBED) - 160G
  • VEG OIL -  40G


1. Start by sifting your flour, cornflour, sugar, baking powder and salt straight into your mixer bowl. Set your mixer going for just a few minutes to make sure all of the ingredients are incorporated. 

2. Stop the mixer and add the cubed butter, vegetable oil and vanilla into the bowl and set the mixer running on low speed! You need to watch the bowl closely at this stage and mix just until the butter, oil and dry mixture are combined with no lumps of butter left - the mix will resemble wet sand. Add your four eggs to the mixture and set the mixer going on low speed for a few seconds and then increase to medium and beat for 30 seconds! 


3. Stop and scrape down making sure you get right into the bottom of the bowl, scrape the paddle and make sure everything is mixed - if you need to mix on medium for another 5 seconds do it now to make sure there are no large lumps. 

4. Set the mixer to low and drizzle in the milk in a slow and steady stream followed by the yoghurt! When just combined stop and scrape down before putting the mixer back on medium speed for thirty seconds to finish. 

5. Scrape one final time at the very end and then you’re ready to bake! We reckoned 130c for 22-24 min. You’ll need to fill your cake cases just about 2/3 full - this should roughly be 60 grams of batter.