Great Gatsby Bespoke Mini Cupcakes

Firstly, an apology for not posting in ages, it’s been crazy here at the bakery and we’ve just had our busiest Halloween ever whizzing deliveries of cupcakes across London. We’ve only just taken our foot off the accelerator for a day or so and now Christmas orders are starting to come in as well. In the middle of all of this,we’ve done some truly epic bespoke custom fondant orders which have kept the Flavourtown bakers and decorators mega busy. We’ve said before how much we love custom orders, custom cupcakes and cakes give our team to go wild with ideas and do things that we typically don’t get to work on every day.

When a customer calls or emails the bakery with an idea for their custom project the first part of the process is to gather as much information a possible about what they want to achieve, colours and design aesthetic, once we're on the same page we sit down with our head decorator and fondant artists to come up with options.

We had a challenge from a regular client, one of London's biggest advertising agencies asking us to create some unique 1920's Great Gatsby themed cupcakes for a special event party they were throwing, I mean who doesn't love the combination of the roaring 20's, Great Gatsby and cupcakes!. Our first priority was to research the novel and then find out more about the styles and influences of the period and then put some custom fondant ideas for the client. There are so many cupcakes in London and we try and stand out by doing things a little differently and actually make a custom order as authentic as possible when we deliver our cupcakes to offices and homes across London we get a real buzz from seeing customers faces. 

Great Gatsby Bespoke Mini Cupcakes

Great Gatsby Bespoke Mini Cupcakes

Great Gatsby Bespoke Mini Cupcakes

These Great Gatsby cupcakes are really elegant, beautiful and we like to think just little bit sexy, pretty much everything that the roaring 20's were.

Need custom cupcakes London? Give us a call or send us an email and we'll come up with something epic for your next party or event.

Great Gatsby Bespoke Mini Cupcakes

Finally here are our top three quick tips for working with fondant / sugar paste:

One: Always use gel colours to fondant as they won't change the consistency and make it super sticky. If you do feel if getting too sticky and hard to work with add a little icing sugar.

Two: Add Tylose powder to your fondant to make it harden faster, you only need about half a teaspoon per 250G to give you a brilliant fondant that's fast drying and easy to work with. 

Three: Whatever you're making in fondant ALWAYS give your models time to dry, this might sound simple but the longer setting time you give your fondant the more stable it will be and the longer it's going to last on your cake

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