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Flavourtown Bakery unique Valentines Cupcakes and Cakes available to order for London Delivery now!

Don’t go shopping around for flowers, roses are soo old fashioned! Forgot romantic movies, they’re sooo cringe! What you need are some romantic Valentines ideas with the WOW factor……

Flavourtown Bakery Valentines Day cupcakes are the PERFECT gift for the most romantic time of year.. it’s all about the passion darling.. amour ❤️. We’ve got Valentines Day ideas for him and her with our Valentines Day cupcakes, mini cupcakes and cookies! You can even send your personalised Valentines Day gifts with a free gift note. 
We’re all about moist sponges, luscious icings and amazing decorations! All baked fresh every morning using the worlds best ingredients - handmade in London for the one you love. This year we’ve even added Vegan Valentines Day cupcakes and Free From Gluten Valentines Day cupcakes to our Valentines Day gift ideas.
Here’s a roundup of the best Valentines Day cupcake gift ideas for London 


Deluxe Valentines Cupcakes

Handmade macarons, mini Ruby chocolate bars and glitter hearts on top of our finest best selling Red Velvet, Chocolate and Vanilla sponges.


Swirl Valentines Cake

Four layers of London’s BEST Red Velvet cake baked with pockets of vanilla cheesecake right in the sponge. Filled with cream cheese icing and finished with super sexy hand piped roses and topped with delicate pink Valentines day macarons.




Deluxe Valentines Mini Cupcakes

Nothing says “I love you” better than award winning freshly baked mini Valentines cupcakes topped with macarons, mini Ruby chocolate bars and handmade glitter heart decorations. 


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Vegan Valentines Cupcakes

Vegan Valentines Mini Cupcakes

Free From Gluten Valentines Cupcakes

Free From Gluten Valentines Mini Cupcakes




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