Bespoke Summer Themed Vegan Birthday Cake

So the British summer has been rubbish, but at least we can console ourselves with cake! The whole bakery team cheered up when we made this bespoke vegan birthday cake

with fondant pineapple, beachball, tropical flowers and a message plaque. We also added our signature vegan chocolate ganache drip to the cake and finished with a sprinkle of glitter.

We love cake and the whole reason for starting Flavourtown Bakery was the buzz we get when you give someone a birthday cake and see the look on their face?. Over the last 18 months we've had a steadily growing stream of customers asking us for vegan birthday cakes and Vegan cupcakes. We resisted adding vegan treats to our menu at first as usually vegan cakes don't taste the 'full shilling', instead we spent months and months behind the scenes testing and tweaking with our team to develop recipes that are as good as our regular bakes. It's safe to say that our customers have really taken our vegan range to their hearts including Lexi who for allergy reasons can't eat regular cake... She loved her customised vegan chocolate birthday cake and so did the non vegans ❤️

Bespoke Summer Themed Vegan Birthday Cake

Bespoke Summer Themed Vegan Birthday Cake

We have a whole load of cake and cupcake inspiration on our Instagram page here. You can also buy our vegan range ready to go here, which includes vegan cupcakes and vegan birthday cakes for delivery in London. We also offer a massive range of classic birthday cakes for delivery in London here.

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