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Baking London's Best Cupcakes

We’re pretty famous for delivering cupcakes throughout London and everyday we are lucky enough to be getting busier and busier with more customers choosing us for their parties, celebrations and events! The truth of the mattere is that no matter how good your cupcakes look THE most important factor is how they taste so we’ve put together this little guide to help you bake amazing cupcakes every time. 

Baking London's Best Cupcakes

Baking London's Best Cupcakes

1: Always use the absolute best ingredients you can afford! It sounds straight forward but if you use rubbish ingredients you’ll get naff cupcakes. We use Lescure butter at both our big kitchen and in our new Fulham shop and using a really good quality butter is huge! Unsalted Lurpac works really well at home or any butter that has 82% butterfat. The quality of your sugar and icing sugar is also really important and we use Tate and Lyle sugar exclusively in our cakes, cupcakes and brownies - it’s fair-trade and makes the most delicious tasting sponge and icing. Our eggs are organic free-range and they have super yellowy yolks and this is one of our real secrets to rich indulgent desserts. Please please don’t use battery farmed eggs, the hens aren’t happy and your cake won’t taste as good. 

2: THIS IS THE BIG SECRET… The real insider tip for baking flat, deliciously moist cupcakes is the temperature you bake at! If your recipe says 350F then reduce the oven temperature to around 280F and bake for longer!!!! This does two things to help your baking: It stops the outside of your cupcake baking really fast whilst the middle is still raw (this is the biggest reason for over baked cupcakes) and it also stops your cupcakes doming. Cupcakes dome because the outside batter bakes so fast it forces the unbaked raw cake mix up in the middle into a little mound, this makes your cupcakes difficult to ice and also leaves you with a big crusty cake nipple. Bake at a lower temperature for longer and you’ll get moist, fluffy, flat and easy to ice cupcakes. Invest in an oven thermometer - all ovens are liars. 

Baking London's Best Cupcakes

3: How many times have you read a recipe that says to use room temperature ingredients and you’ve totally ignored it? The reason for room temperature butter, milk, eggs etc is so that everything bakes evenly at the same time! Imagine if your milk was ice cold straight from the fridge but your butter and eggs were at room temperature.. not only will it throw your baking time off but will also will affect the texture of your cupcakes. If you need to bring milk and butter to room temperature make friends with your microwave! If your eggs are really cold then pop them in some hottiish water for a few min and bingo they’ll be ready for a big baking sesh.

Baking London's Best Cupcakes 

4: Invest in a scale and weight your ingredients really carefully! So often bakers on TV throw pinches of this and heaped teaspoons of that into their recipes and if you follow suit your results won’t be accurate! Measure carefully and try and avoid recipes that are measured in cups.. weighting is THE only accurate way of getting perfect results every time

If you can’t be bothered baking let us do it for you! We deliver cupcakes across London www.flavourtownbakery.co.uk

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